Masters in Education Programs in West Virginia

First off the amount of Universities in West Virginia is astounding. You will find Masters Degree programs in cities ranging anywhere from Philippi, WV, all the way to Buckhannon, WV. There really is no best way to decide on what college is right for you and I felt like it was something left up to the reader to decide for themselves. There are 4 different mindsets people use to make decisions like these, and in this article I really have no way to try and persuade you to go to any one school. So with that being said lets get into what schools are in the West Virginia area and then maybe later on you will have a better idea on where you think would be a good place to get educated.Starting from A to Z and this certainly isn’t a complete list of schools, but from the research I have gathered at this time it seems to be a nice start:First there is the Alderson Broaddus College, and they are located in the city of Philippi WV. They provide students with a Masters Degree who are interested in majors like: English, History, Math, and Science. There is the Bethany College and there located in the city of Bethany WV. Bethany only offers Arts majors.Next is the University of Concord located in Athens WV. Concord offers a wide range of Masters education options like:Admin, Adult Education or Higher, Counseling or Psych, Social Studies or History, Science, Health and/ Physical Education, Special Ed, and Reading.Fairmont State University located in Fairmont, WV is a huge education provider and the list is so extensive that I am pretty sure it covers any major you are interested in majoring in.Than there is Marshall University located in Huntington WV. Marshall is mainly a Business, Psychology, Reading, and Special Education provider.Salem International University located in Salem, WV is a Masters Degree School with programs for: Masters in Education, and Masters in Business Administration.Next we have Shepherd University and they are stationed in the city of Shepherdstown. Shepherd offers programs in everything you can think of lol or just about.West Liberty University is located in the city of West Liberty what do you know the name of the city. West Liberty offers a single master program for Instructional Technology.West Virginia University is located in Morgantown and offers master degree programs in almost every major you can think of.West Virginia Wesleyan College is located in Buckhannon WV. They offer English, History, Math, Science, Special Ed, Physcial Ed.So that about covers the selection of Universities in West Virginia. I hope you find the right education and career path!

Nursing Education Online

Many nursing aspirants are unable to be a part of a program owing to time or budget constraints. In recent times, many online nursing schools have become available making their way to the forefront of education. They have helped many people by giving them an extraordinary access to courses that they were previously unable to follow. Online nursing schools have specifically altered the lives of many students by providing them with the career of their choice.There are many benefits of online nursing schools. They provide education for students who find it difficult to enroll in a campus-based nursing school. They provide various programs, such as public health and safety, medical and administrative services, medical and health professions, mental health services, therapeutic rehabilitation, medical assisting business, nurse assistance and patient concern assistance.Nursing is considered to be the largest health care career in the world. The online nursing schools are known to increase professional knowledge and skills, and to enhance the productivity of future registered nurses. The online nursing schools follow a general curriculum, focused mainly on the study of various sciences related to nursing including social science, physical science and biological science. Online nursing schools focus on sharpening the intellect and social acceptability. These are very necessary skills of a qualified nurse. The essential components of the moderate arts are the concrete base of all online nursing schools.Online nursing school programs are designed to improve each student’s specialized knowledge and skills. They are designed for students who possess baccalaureate degrees and aspire to become registered nurses. Generally, this is a two-year course and depends on the curriculum followed by the online nursing school.

One Day Science Fair Projects – How Homeschooling Parents Can Choose the Right Product

Often homeschooling parents choose to supplement what they get from their curriculum guides. Many even form homeschooling co-op groups for things like physical education and science as different parents can share their expertise. The best one day science fair projects have built in do it yourself structure, easy to understand directions, handy materials,and background research and data recording systems. This articles discusses specifics about what the homeschooling parent should look for.The first thing to look for when searching online for great one day science fair projects that will provide your child with an educational and fun experience, is to check the credentials of the author. Real science teachers, who used the material in a classroom is one thing to check out. Experience homeschooling parents who have been doing this for awhile will have teacher created resources they gathered and adapted for their child at home. The important thing here, is that the material must be written by someone who understands the scientific process, and follows the steps any scientist uses in presenting the project.The resource you choose should be laid out just like this: Purpose, Hypothesis, Supplies, Procedure, Data, Results,Conclusion, Research. It should also have all the support materials you need for each of these steps. A pre-organized data recording sheet, a way to present results and some accompanying research to support the concept should all be included in one product.If at all possible take a look at some sample pages, or sign-up for a free download lesson. Are the directions easy understand? Is the lay out visually simple to follow? Did the squeeze too much on one page so it is visually confusing? Is there enough room to write on the data recording sheets? Is there ways to adapt the idea and make it individualized? Are the materials needed to to the projects inexpensive or better yet easy to find around the house? If you answer yes to all those questions, you have found a great science projects resource.Finally check to see if there are there a bunch of projects included in one resource, so you do not have to go through this all again the next time you need ideas for great science projects.Of course the idea of 24 hour science projects does not mean it cannot take longer, it usually means it can be completed in one day. For the homeschooling parent, using one day science fair projects will fit in nicely to their weekly routine, giving quick, easy home science projects for kids to learn from and enjoy.